AWAKEN Car is compatible with cars and trucks produced after 2002.
AWAKEN Car works all around the world without any additional fees when you cross frontiers.
Yes, absolutely! You do not need to reactivate or add a new vehicle in AWKEN Car App. Simply plug in the key in your new vehicle and that's it! The app will automatically create a new vehicle for you.
Yes, you can! There is an enterprise version of AWAKEN Car which is designed to track your small business’s vehicles and improve driver safety. Real-time GPS tracking, trip reporting, vehicle health management and driving safety dashboards keep you in constant command of your small fleet. To learn more, contact us at
Simply plug AWAKEN Car in vehicle's OBD port. This port is most of the time inside the car, just below the steering wheel.
No chance, AWAKEN Car will only grab data that is freely provided by the port and will not transmit anything to your car’s computer.
AWAKEN Car is designed to minimize battery drain. When your car is off, AWAKEN Car will switch in "sleep mode” to consume less. If a low battery condition is detected, AWAKEN Car sends you an alert and then enters in a “deep sleep mode” consuming even less battery. We are ensuring that we alert you to a possible battery problem, but are also ensuring that we do not contribute to the problem.
While we do not send an alert when the device is unplugged, we do send alerts when the device has been reconnected and plugged back in! We also have a heartbeat every 30 minutes, if the heartbeat does not come in, you will receive an alert which assume it is plugged out.
You decide which features you would like to use, you can enable/disable features when ever you want using AWAKEN Car App settings. We do not store information about your car, the only information we store about you is your full name and email that's it. Every data coming from your car is encrypted and stored on your device where the App is installed. So you keep fully control of your datas and nobody else have access to it.